Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bad ASO!

Sheet! It's happening again. I've re-started liking things like this.

Bad ASO...Bad!

Quick! Bring the medicine! Ah! Peace....

PS: If you have read this (by mistake, as is usually the case), and are wondering why I wrote it, it was because I felt a need to get it out of the system. Nothing to worry - I am back to being the normal misanthropic ASO after taking Dr Morrison's prescription. Now get lost.

Update: I just realized it was Brooker who led me into that mode. It was because I saw "Meet the Natives", after he recommended it. Drat! But it is good - everyone (especially misanthropes) should watch it. It almost re-kindles your faith in humanity, and makes you smile. And then, you realize that it is nothing more than an infotainment feature. Normality returns.


jammy said...
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jammy said...

misanthropic ASO is much more fun..

PS: Like the new splattered design

ASO said...

Mama! You still read this? I shall do a _123 now: Khusi ke aasoon aa rahe hain...kyuki main Khushi ko rula rahan hoon. Sob sob.

PS: Thanks. It's not mine...but who am I to deny credit for my good taste?