Friday, June 11, 2010

Woooooooooooo uuuuu ooooooooooo uu woooooo uuuuuuuuu oooooooooooooo

This is definitely not a technically right account of what I saw, because whatever I saw lasted a few seconds in between my switching channels, as I gorged on the tasty and crispy rava dosa that Avva had prepared *Slurp Yummmmmm* and as such, wasn't concentrating on what I was seeing on the not-too-intelligent box.

The first thing I noticed was the soulful singing of a familiar voice, someone I couldn't really place, which made me look up, to notice the beautiful kajra-laden eyes of a burqua-clad lavvvleeee lady as she gyrated to her own singing. Then, she lost the translucent (It took sometime for this fact to register) black garment, and she was now a madran, semi-clad woman in an arbit aqua colored piece of cloth, still singing with a voice that pulled at the strings of the heart. Oh, this was good, believe me. With all honesty, it is usually the eyes that draw my attention when a maiden is concerned, and I was literally drowning in my own drool, what with the slurping over the dosa and the effect of those big, seductive eyes. "Mind-wait-for-it-Blowing!", I was about to say...

As it always happens with me, there is always a negative conjunction around the corner, waiting to beat me up with my own umbrella, whenever I go singing in the rain like Gene Kelly (Yes yes, figuratively wonly). And the "But" kicked my butt, as the very next second, there seemed to be an attack, the nature of which was impossible to comprehend. It was almost like the "Brown noise" that Cartman discovered,  but it was only worse. The mind-blower was forgotten, as was *her* voice. Was it some secret acoustic weapon that our ever-so-friendly-neighbours-with-amazingly-hot-chicks-who-they-force-to-wear-burquas-while-they-steal-our-big-breasted-failed-athletes had unleashed on us, I wondered, as I tried hard to keep from throwing up.

But then, I saw it...the phenomenon that has the potential to raze entire populaces by forcing them to commit suicide. The one source that issues the only sound more horrible than the brown noise. There was the face that never smiles for a picture. There was the voice that could wilt the life-force of any human soul. There was no cap. But I knew who it was.

"Oh Fish! He's back!", was all I could muster before passing out.

PS: Here is avails.

PPS: How trippy is the name of the chick!?! Whattaayyy it ees!

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