Monday, May 17, 2010

The Dance of the Egos

ET Coming Through!, originally uploaded by arunsa4762.
"Yamini-2010" got off to a fiery start, what with all the atrib shrubbery behind the stage catching fire, and the "organizers" from IIMB showing utter disrespect to the artists in order to drub SPICMACAY. What a shame it was! Junta count on people from some select circles to be their leaders and show them the right way...but once you are a part of that circle, you come to realize the amount of hypocrisy that the self-centered bloated egos represent. Tch tch...give up.

This photo, I took when junta were trying to put out the fire in the afore-mentioned shrubbery. The fire-extinguishers were hauled in and the foam was all around, but strangely, not choking anybody. The program continued after this scare and the artists put on a brilliant show. I was looking forward to hearing E Gayathri play, and she, as always, didn't disappoint! Also, got a nice pic of Shambhavi Vaze, though I didn't like the dance too much...too much nakhra, I saaay! I would anyday put a Variya than taa ta ka ditu thom...Kkkkome man!

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Amit said...

Wow! what a picture man, really it shows the real criativity of an artist. Opportunity in every difficulty :)